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TESOL’s Electronic Village Online Courses Available to Public

Check out TESOL’s 2016 EVO sessions coming soon! Topics include Classroom-Based Research for Professional Development, Flipped Learning in the ELT classroom, and Media Resources and Emotions in Teaching and Learning. Visit Electronic Village Online for more details and for registration coming in January. The five-week online classes are free of charge and available for anyone interested.

Teachers as Learners: 6 Great Professional Development Ideas

Just like the differentiated lessons taught to meet students’ individual needs, teachers must learn strategies in PD arranged for their individual needs. If you’re interested in developing your knowledge and skill as a peace practitioner in your classroom, these six ideas for PD will help you get there. A key is that they require engaging … Continue reading

Learning about the Rainforest in German: A Lesson in Empathy (Teacher Interview)

“Empathy is a tricky element in teaching. Many would agree it is essential to truly great teachers, as it underlies deep connection and rapport between student and instructor. That said, it is also not something likely to manifest itself without some sort of shared experience.” -Josiah Long, TESOL Instructor. Consider the above quote as you … Continue reading

Webinars from the Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice

Check out the webinars on restorative justice from Eastern Mennonite University’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding. Several relate directly to educational settings, including the recent But That Teacher Doesn’t Like Me: The Importance of a Relational Pedagogy. Continue reading

Foreign Language Teaching Methods: Online Professional Development

Some of us who are interested in language teaching and peace are specifically educated in those fields and have received adequate training and done much study of those topics. But some of us, like myself, are just taking first steps into teaching and may or may have not studied language teaching extensively. As teachers that … Continue reading

Four principles for teachers to heal the world

Thom Markham suggests healing the world one classroom at a time through a set of four principles to which every teacher could commit. What do you think? Continue reading

Six Philosophies of Peace Education

What is a philosophy of peace education and why is it important? Sue McGregor explores these questions and describes six Prospective Philosophical Foundations of Peace Education in her article from In Factis Pax, a peer-reviewed online journal of peace education and social justice. Continue reading

Teaching English Learners Living with Trauma, Violence, and Stress

One important aspect of peacebuilding is dealing with the effects of violence and conflict. Students in language education settings come with various backgrounds which influence their learning and the classroom community. Check out TESOL International’s upcoming online seminar Teaching English Learners Living with Trauma, Violence, and Stress.

Restorative Justice in Education Program Offered by Eastern Mennonite University

A unique array of restorative justice courses are being offered to educators in Lancaster area through Eastern Mennonite University as part of the larger Restorative Justice in Education (RJE) concentration. Continue reading

Engaging students using “democratic conflict dialogue”

“Conflict dialogue” is defined as process of engaging participants in conversation about conflict topics and processes in democratic ways which can lead to building peace. Opportunities for this type of discussion are frequent in language education settings. But how do educators go about setting up a safe space for this kind of dialogue? Continue reading

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