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Teacher Communities Affect Student Learning

In this intriguing article highlighted in the Washington Post, Esther Quintero, senior fellow at the nonprofit Albert Shanker Institute, looks at whether students learn more when their teachers work well together. Sure enough, good community among teachers in a school is just as important as within the classroom. While this is not new to many … Continue reading

Failing bilingualism in US public schools

An insightful article, How we kill languages and fail our cleverest children, looks at the limitations of views on bilingualism in United States public schools. Besides economic reasons, maintaining and supporting student’s first languages affirms them and their communities as valuable and valued in the society. Honouring our students’ mother languages is a very practical … Continue reading

8 Tips for Transforming School Culture

Montie Koehn, an educator in Oklahoma public schools, writes about Transforming school culture through mutual respect. Listing eight basic principles to affirm, Koehn claims that these simple ways of showing respect can create a more sustaining and healthy educational environment. How many of these tips do you see in your place of work?

Restorative Justice in Education

In her blog post, Kathy Evans writes about caution needed in the trend towards restorative justice in educational settings in the United States. While recognising the significance of more schools implementing restorative approaches to discipline, she asks about the extent to which schools are nurturing restorative justice values. If “[r]estorative justice is as much an … Continue reading

English Teachers as Gatekeepers

In this TED talk, Patricia Ryan shares her observations from more than 30 years of teaching English. Continue reading

Teaching for Peace, Renewing the Spirit – TESOL 2014

The following is the abstract of a presentation by Cheryl Woelk at TESOL 2014 in Portland, Oregon, USA as a part of the Christian English Language Educators Association panel session. Continue reading

Online course on “Shaping a Community of Learners”

Mennonite Education Agency’s Anabaptist Learning Institute is offering an online course entitled “Shaping a Community of Learners”… Continue reading

Creating a Peaceful School Conference 2014

Former gang member turned peace educator Victor Rios is the keynote speaker for the Creating a Peaceful School Conference to be held in California, USA on February 1, 2014. Continue reading

The language we use is the language we teach

This article highlights the need for self-reflection on the language that educators use in classes and the unintended effects it might have on learners… Continue reading

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