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Peace Linguistics and Peace Language Education in Korea

Jocelyn Wright, Virginia Hanslien and Cheryl Woelk presented at the KOTESOL National Conference. Check out our discussion and add your thoughts in the comments!

Peace Education Webinars: Building Capacity from a Local to Global Level

Register here for free webinars on peace education from Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict. First one begins Oct 30. Check it out!

Teaching English for Reconciliation

Originally posted on chroniclesofhopekorea:
Teaching English for Reconciliation by Jan Edwards Dormer and Cheryl Woelk was recently released.  I was pleased to be able to interview them about this progressive approach to language teaching and learning that is concerned with the development of the whole person. 1) Why is reconciliation important in educational contexts? Learner-centered…

Teaching Children to Give | 365give

Jacqueline Way began a daily giving project with her son that has spread around the world and to many classrooms. What a great idea for the language classroom too! Here’s a list of some giving ideas and check out more resources at 365give.ca.

Restorative Justice in ELT Workshop hosted by Christian Teachers SIG KoreaTESOL

Language for Peace contributors Cheryl Woelk and Abby Long are leading a workshop as a Christian Teachers’ Symposium. It will be a full day hands-on workshop on Restorative Approaches in ELT at Handong University on September 23, 2017. Abstract Creating healthy learning communities is a goal that many language teachers share. Christian English teachers have … Continue reading

Social Justice in Language Education Resources

Looking for more resources on social justice in language teaching? Check out the Social Justice Warriors webpage and the library of resources they have on advocacy, anti-racist classrooms, multilingualism, and other topics. Leave a comment with your recommended link! Source: Social Justice Warriors.Language Educators.Stop the Deficit.

Intro to Conflict Styles

This free resource for teachers and trainers of conflict styles provides a 3 minute visual introduction to concepts underlying conflict styles. Source: Intro to Conflict Styles | Global Campaign for Peace Education

Language Learning as Peacebuilding? Not always

At Language for Peace, our work is rooted in the belief that learning language has the potential to be an act of peacebuilding. But is it always? When is it not? The case of indigenous language learning in Canada, a colonial nation with a horrific history of linguicide of indigenous languages, is a complex one. Learning indigenous languages outside … Continue reading

Creating a Classroom Community: 5 First Day Activities for ELLs

The TESOL Teacher of the Year shares some fun, interactive activities for your students—of any level—to get to know one another and use language meaningfully. Source: Creating a Classroom Community: 5 First Day Activities for ELLs | TESOL Blog

Peace Studies Glossary | Global Campaign for Peace Education

This peace studies glossary was developed by Joanie Connors. Peace Studies’ courses are challenging to students who have been brought up with limited worldviews and right/wrong thinking. Glossaries are important for students of varying backgrounds to be on the same page in studying any subject, but they are especially needed for courses that challenge status … Continue reading

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