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What a difference a word can make: How a single word can change your conversation

This article from TED about the nuances of language could have interesting implications for teaching or learning language from a peace perspective. What would it mean to recognize these cues in conversation and then look for opportunities to transform moments of misunderstanding and conflict? What would awareness of this in teaching bring to a language … Continue reading

TOTAL it up! Taste Of Translation And Linguistics with Wycliffe Bible Translators

The work of Bible translation throughout the world has often been a great advocate for language preservation, and for empowering speakers of minority languages by helping them produce material even outside of scripture written in their mother tongues. These translation projects often lead to greater literacy and education projects in the communities where they are based as well. Though Bible translation has a different focus than language and peace education, it has many overlapping goals, and is an asset to both of those fields. Continue reading

Leadership, Authority and Being “Bossy”

Another provoking analysis from the blog “Linguistic Pulse”shows the gendered nature of the use of the word “bossy.” Continue reading

An Analysis of “Who is articulate?”

This article presents an interesting analysis of the use of the word “articulate” in relation to racial prejudice in the US. Continue reading

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