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Approaching Fluency: Stories from English Language Learners

I’m on the hunt for stories from language learners. What is the experience like? what grabs hold of a learner to motivate them? What are the struggles they encounter? How can we as teachers make it an experiences that enriches and empowers? So, though it is an old recording, I was glad to come across … Continue reading


Foreign Language Teaching Methods: Online Professional Development

Some of us who are interested in language teaching and peace are specifically educated in those fields and have received adequate training and done much study of those topics. But some of us, like myself, are just taking first steps into teaching and may or may have not studied language teaching extensively. As teachers that … Continue reading

Teach English and Spanish on the Peace Boat

Peace Boat offers language classes for passengers on board, both English and Spanish. The teachers of these classes are volunteers, and Peace Boat is accepting applications for their 88th voyage. If the idea of sailing the globe appeals to you, check out their website for more information about teaching English and Spanish on board Peace Boat. Continue reading

Teaching English Learners Living with Trauma, Violence, and Stress

One important aspect of peacebuilding is dealing with the effects of violence and conflict. Students in language education settings come with various backgrounds which influence their learning and the classroom community. Check out TESOL International’s upcoming online seminar Teaching English Learners Living with Trauma, Violence, and Stress.

Language Learning as Tool for Resolving Worldview Conflicts

How can language learning help us to navigate the difficult experience of worldview conflicts? Peacebuilding becomes most challenging when the conflict is not the surface issue, but the difference in the ways that people organize their way of making meaning in the world and by which they make decisions about action. Most entrenched conflicts actually are not about the apparent issues, but these underlying ways of seeing the world that are opposed to each other. Language learning can provide essential tools for addressing these conflicts in constructive ways. Continue reading

Instructor Needed for TESOL Program

The TESOL program at Eastern Mennonite University (Dept. of Language & Literature) is looking for a qualified person to teach one section of Introduction to Linguistics in the fall semester 2015.  A masters degree in linguistics is required or a masters in TESOL with significant course work in linguistics.  Teaching experience preferred. Send your CV … Continue reading

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