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Teach English and Spanish on the Peace Boat

In 1983, frustrated by the Japanese government’s decision to censor historical accounts of the country’s aggression in the Asian-Pacific region,  a group of Japanese university students decided to do something in response: they got a boat!

Peace Boat’s website recounts the history of the ship and organization’s origins: “They chartered a ship to visit neighboring countries with the aim of learning first-hand about the war from those who experienced it and initiating people-to-people exchange.”

Now the Peace Boat’s voyages span the globe and last around three months. Passengers have the chance to visit countries all over the world and hear particular experiences and stories from each country about issues of aggression, tension, peace and justice that have been a part of their narratives. On board, they attend lectures, activities and workshops all related to creating a “floating village of peace.” Many passengers join primarily for the chance to see the world, but end of gaining invaluable peace education in the process.

Because Peace Boat visits many nations and has passengers from all over the world, the need for common communication is great. So, Peace Boat offers language classes for passengers on board, both English and Spanish. The teachers of these classes are volunteers, and Peace Boat is accepting applications for their 88th voyage. If the idea of sailing the globe appeals to you, check out their website for more information about teaching English and Spanish on board Peace Boat.



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Abigail Long is a 2012 graduate of Messiah College in Grantham, PA, and a member of Fairview Ave Brethren in Christ Church in Waynesboro, PA. She spent 14 months teaching English in South Korea at the Connexus Language Institute and is deeply interested in the connections between language learning, teaching and peacebuilding.

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