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Teachers as Leaders Who Engage, Inspire and Embolden

Connecting authentically with learners, enlarging the context of language learning, and cultivating a culture that promotes courage in the classroom are keys to creating an environment for successful language learning and peace education. Continue reading

Leadership Skills and Language Skills

Language skills are essential tools for leadership according to Rawn Shah from Forbes in his article¬†Leadership Skills Multiply With Language Skills. Focusing on how language learning helps to understand culture and worldview differences, essential for business success, Shah suggests that learning language is one of the tools that leaders often overlook. As peacebuilding in organization … Continue reading


Learning Empathetic Listening

In the article Three Ways Leaders Can Listen with More Empathy, John Coleman writes the impact of empathetic listening on leadership. In most societies, listening with empathy has to be learned and practice. Learning a new language is an opportunity to acquire communication skills such as empathetic listening and enhance learners’ leadership abilities. Thus article … Continue reading

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