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Language & Peace Education with Johan Galtung

Renown peace studies specialist Johan Galtung speaks of language, peace education, culture and language learning in this interview with Donna J. McInnis for the Japan Association for Language Teaching. He emphasizes the connection of language learning with relationships and cultural understanding. Continue reading

Welcoming Diverse Cultures in Public Schools

In societies such as Canada and the United States, cultural diversity in the classroom can be a challenge to educators and to school systems. Multiple cultures and languages operating within one classroom can be a rich experience, but can also contribute to conflict when assumptions and stereotypes come into play. How can teachers and schools respond in healthy ways to changing demographics? Continue reading

Does Language Affect Thought?

The TED Blog post 5 examples of how the languages we speak can affect the way we think/ addresses the question of the relationship of thought and language. How does this influence perspectives on peace or violence?

How to Pretend to be Fluent in Norwegian

Even if it’s not Norwegian you’re learning, many language learners could relate to this writer’s experience… Continue reading

Learning tours to build understanding

Mennonite Weekly Review’s article¬†MCC visitors, Iranian partners build understanding¬†highlights a recent learning tour between North America and Iran at a critical time for building cross-cultural understanding and relationships. In the language classroom, this type of learning and relationship-building goes even further as learners interact and work together over a longer period of time and share … Continue reading

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