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Creating a Classroom Community: 5 First Day Activities for ELLs

The TESOL Teacher of the Year shares some fun, interactive activities for your students—of any level—to get to know one another and use language meaningfully. Source: Creating a Classroom Community: 5 First Day Activities for ELLs | TESOL Blog

Teachers as Leaders Who Engage, Inspire and Embolden

Connecting authentically with learners, enlarging the context of language learning, and cultivating a culture that promotes courage in the classroom are keys to creating an environment for successful language learning and peace education. Continue reading

Free Webinar Feb. 16: Integrating International Students into U.S Communities

On Tuesday, Global Ties Akron and the University of Akron Student Fulbright Association are featured on a national webinar hosted by the American Council on Education and Global Ties US. Language learning is a key aspect of the international student community, whether that’s in a particular intensive English program with the purpose of preparing for further studies … Continue reading

Language and Belonging

Last Fall I was invited by the editor of the Brethren in Christ journal for the practice of reconciliation, Shalom!, to write an article on the theme of Belonging. I chose to focus on language, and the following is the article as it appears in the Fall 2015 issue of Shalom!. I loved the opportunity to … Continue reading

“The World Is As Big Or Small As You Make It”

In November we highlighted a virtual exchange program called Soliya that connected college students from different religious and cultural backgrounds, promoting peace and dialogue. The program was really interesting to me, and exciting, because it showed how much technology allows us to create connections that might never have been made otherwise. However, noticing that it was … Continue reading

It Takes a (Global) Village

The Anabaptist community is gearing up for a very meaningful time this summer with the Mennonite World Conference, where Mennonites and other Anabaptists from around the world will gather for several weeks this coming July for fellowship, worship and seeking God together. The Mennonite World Conference sends out a newsletter in the months ahead of the event … Continue reading

Webinar on Trauma-Informed Approaches and Trauma Prevention

A webinar entitled A Focus on Trauma: Integrating Trauma-Informed Approaches and Moving Toward Trauma Prevention is taking place May 20, 2015 at 11:00 AM PT. This web conference will highlight several frameworks and models for trauma-informed approaches and provide an introduction to understanding community-level trauma and the implications for successful violence prevention efforts. Continue reading

The Missing Connection: Language Learning as a Tool for Peace in Israel/Palestine

An article entitled The Missing Connection: Language learning as a tool for peace in Israel/Palestine published by provides an interesting perspective about the fundamental need for speaking each other’s language in the peacemaking process. What are my goals in teaching the language I teach? Am I contributing to understanding between cultures or am I creating bigger disconnects? Continue reading

Relationship key to communication and community

Daniel Siegel, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, and co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center, has done extensive work with connections among relationships, mind and brain in his neurobiological research. Relationship, it turns out, is an essential key to learning. Communication and community are interrelated. Continue reading

Former British ambassador’s language skills prevent war

A recent article in The Guardian highlighted decreased funding for foreign language training for British diplomats. Oliver Miles, a former British ambassador, argues that language skills are an essential aspect of diplomacy and that “knowing the language is the key that unlocks the door” to building trust and relationships in another country. Continue reading

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