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Language of Ideologies, War and Peace

This provocative article on War, peace, language published in the Indian Express highlights the nuances of language, politics, power, and ideologies. While Pakistani columnist Khaled Ahmed is speaking from personal experience and the content of his opinions may be up for debate, he makes well the point that the languages we know shape our access to information and thus to our worldviews. Continue reading

Language Learning as Tool for Resolving Worldview Conflicts

How can language learning help us to navigate the difficult experience of worldview conflicts? Peacebuilding becomes most challenging when the conflict is not the surface issue, but the difference in the ways that people organize their way of making meaning in the world and by which they make decisions about action. Most entrenched conflicts actually are not about the apparent issues, but these underlying ways of seeing the world that are opposed to each other. Language learning can provide essential tools for addressing these conflicts in constructive ways. Continue reading

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