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“The World Is As Big Or Small As You Make It”

In November we highlighted a virtual exchange program called Soliya that connected college students from different religious and cultural backgrounds, promoting peace and dialogue. The program was really interesting to me, and exciting, because it showed how much technology allows us to create connections that might never have been made otherwise. However, noticing that it was … Continue reading

Book Review: Studies and global perspectives of second language teaching and learning

Studies and global perspectives of second language teaching and learning edited by John W. Schwieter integrates research from the fields of language acquisition and insights from education from a global perspective. Continue reading

Language Learning Facilitates “Virtual Exchanges” for Youth

The Alliance for Peacebuilding recently highlighted a program called Saliya, which sets up online dialogue between students from different countries and religious backgrounds. The goal is to promote dialogue and understanding across the boundaries that usually divide us through the use of online tools. Participants then use their understanding to respond differently in situations of … Continue reading

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