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Language and Exclusion

At the Symposium for Language and Exclusion hosted at the United Nations Plaza in New York City on May 7 of this year,  Fernand de Varennes delivered the keynote address, poignantly titled “Unfinished and Challenging Business: Language, Exclusion and Human Rights at the United Nations.” Varennes discussed in the address the sometime problematic nature of official … Continue reading

Speaking Our Language

This article entitled “Qanuippit?” on the Canadian Education Society website highlights the challenges and importance of choosing to speak one’s language even while learning English to access more opportunities. Inuktitut speakers had been forbidden in the past to speak their language in schools. Now, this teacher is committed to speaking their language with students. Connecting … Continue reading

Leadership, Authority and Being “Bossy”

Another provoking analysis from the blog “Linguistic Pulse”shows the gendered nature of the use of the word “bossy.” Continue reading

English Teachers as Gatekeepers

In this TED talk, Patricia Ryan shares her observations from more than 30 years of teaching English. Continue reading

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