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Listening Practice with World Peace Library

Check out the World Peace Library‘s over 300 audio recordings of inspirational stories and lectures. Global peacebuilders, social change leaders, scientists, Indigenous elders and spiritual mentors share their insights on various peace topics ranging from inner peace to international peacebuilding. How might you use these materials in your class?


Language of Ideologies, War and Peace

This provocative article on War, peace, language published in the Indian Express highlights the nuances of language, politics, power, and ideologies. While Pakistani columnist Khaled Ahmed is speaking from personal experience and the content of his opinions may be up for debate, he makes well the point that the languages we know shape our access to information and thus to our worldviews. Continue reading

Making Peace with a Praying Mantis: [Teacher Interview]

As we strive to learn from each other about ways to connect language instruction, peace, and mission, let’s share our personal experiences with one another! Here is an interview with a fellow Messiah College graduate, Kinley Zook, who I reconnected with at Mennonite World Conference this year. She has spent time teaching English in Laos … Continue reading

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