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4 Pathways to a Culturally Responsive Classroom

Language and culture are often implicitly woven together in language classrooms and it’s easy to get caught up in teaching mainstream culture. But what does this do to learners’ own cultural identities and development, particularly for younger learners? Continue reading

World English Classroom Resource

Here is a useful resource for those of us who are English language instructors and would like to introduce the different ways that English is spoken around the world in our classrooms. This list is by no mean comprehensive in the least, but it is a small smattering of the different types of voices speaking … Continue reading

Learning indigenous languages in Japan to rebuild identity

For many indigenous people around the world, language learning as peacebuilding comes in the form of fighting to learn and keep one’s native language in the face of political, social and cultural oppression. In Okinawa, an island annexed by Japan in 1879, language is key to revitalizing Okinawan culture and identity. Continue reading

Welcoming Diverse Cultures in Public Schools

In societies such as Canada and the United States, cultural diversity in the classroom can be a challenge to educators and to school systems. Multiple cultures and languages operating within one classroom can be a rich experience, but can also contribute to conflict when assumptions and stereotypes come into play. How can teachers and schools respond in healthy ways to changing demographics? Continue reading

Biblical perspectives on immigration

Missio Dei has put out a booklet by M. Daniel Carroll R. called Immigration and the Bible which explores themes of immigration from scriptures… Continue reading

Creating a Peaceful School Conference 2014

Former gang member turned peace educator Victor Rios is the keynote speaker for the Creating a Peaceful School Conference to be held in California, USA on February 1, 2014. Continue reading

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