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Language That Can Change Lives

Just a few days ago I was part of a book club with a group of young teachers. Over the past few years I have worked as a learning support facilitator in their classrooms and developed valuable friendships with them. I admire them for working hard alongside their students in creating safe and inspiring learning environments. Our discussion focused … Continue reading

Literature and Conflict Resolution

A while ago we shared a resource for books on bullying, and also a list of Children’s books for use in Peace education, and I was reminded about it reading an article by Jennifer Luke and Catherine Myers. The article, entitled Toward Peace: Using Literature to Aid Conflict Resolution, says more eloquently and succinctly the thoughts I … Continue reading

Language and Exclusion

At the Symposium for Language and Exclusion hosted at the United Nations Plaza in New York City on May 7 of this year,  Fernand de Varennes delivered the keynote address, poignantly titled “Unfinished and Challenging Business: Language, Exclusion and Human Rights at the United Nations.” Varennes discussed in the address the sometime problematic nature of official … Continue reading

Attention to language essential for “Education for transformation”

In Mennonite Central Committee’s summer newsletter, contributors write about their experience with peace education, or education that “transforms.” Lynn Longenecker, Education Coordinator for MCC, explains this type of education: “Much effort has been made to improve access to quality education. However, to make a truly positive difference education must not only be high quality, but … Continue reading

Books on Bullying book list put out by Choice Literacy

The Choice Literacy Books on Bullying has a Pinterest page with a great list of children’s books related to bullying with ideas on how to integrate these into elementary school classes. Continue reading

Dual-language classroom a model for building peace through language

In this article and video from Education Week, native Spanish speakers and native English speakers in San Jose, California, USA learn together… Continue reading

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