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Language and the immigrant: friend or foe?

Cara Ediger’s post on her new blog articulates well the connections of building peace through the language we use. Check it out!

Welcoming Diverse Cultures in Public Schools

In societies such as Canada and the United States, cultural diversity in the classroom can be a challenge to educators and to school systems. Multiple cultures and languages operating within one classroom can be a rich experience, but can also contribute to conflict when assumptions and stereotypes come into play. How can teachers and schools respond in healthy ways to changing demographics? Continue reading

Economic Reasons for Actively Welcoming Immigrants

A recent Forbes article entitled Welcoming Immigrants: Why Empathy Is Smart Economics For Cities describes the economic benefits of creating active ways of welcoming newcomers to a city. Language support for both learning the dominant language and providing interpretation services throughout the city services would be included as one aspect of “active welcoming.” While a … Continue reading

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