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Questions to Ask Oneself While Designing Learning Activities

Originally posted on User Generated Education:
I absolutely love planning lessons from scratch.  I just got a job teaching technology units for a summer camp for elementary age students. I can design and teach whatever I want – planning for a different theme each week. Some of the themes I am planning are: Expanding and…

Learning indigenous languages in Japan to rebuild identity

For many indigenous people around the world, language learning as peacebuilding comes in the form of fighting to learn and keep one’s native language in the face of political, social and cultural oppression. In Okinawa, an island annexed by Japan in 1879, language is key to revitalizing Okinawan culture and identity. Continue reading

A Picture of English in China

Joel Heng Hartse’s article English in China: A Miraculous and Conflicted Encounter reviews three books and includes reflections on his own experiences of teaching English. His review suggests that the three books “offer a picture of different yet overlapping areas of English in China Continue reading

Creating a Positive Mindset

Maurice Elias, a professor of psychology, posted some helpful tips for activities to kick off the semester at Helping students start the year with a positive mindset. Would you try any of these in your language classes?

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