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Are We Different People in Different Languages?

I read an article, Are We Different People in Different Languages? a few weeks ago, and it was chock full of interesting ideas. I shared an article a little while ago that has similar themes to this one, but I wanted to share this oneĀ as well because along with some fascinating theoretical discussion (and a … Continue reading

Learning about the Rainforest in German: A Lesson in Empathy (Teacher Interview)

“Empathy is a tricky element in teaching. Many would agree it is essential to truly great teachers, as it underlies deep connection and rapport between student and instructor. That said, it is also not something likely to manifest itself without some sort of shared experience.” -Josiah Long, TESOL Instructor. Consider the above quote as you … Continue reading

18 Behaviors of Emotionally Intelligent People

Interesting to note how language plays such a significant part in many of these characteristics of people with high EQ. Does teaching this language help to raise levels of emotional intelligence as well?

Learning Empathetic Listening

In the article Three Ways Leaders Can Listen with More Empathy, John Coleman writes the impact of empathetic listening on leadership. In most societies, listening with empathy has to be learned and practice. Learning a new language is an opportunity to acquire communication skills such as empathetic listening and enhance learners’ leadership abilities. Thus article … Continue reading

Economic Reasons for Actively Welcoming Immigrants

A recent Forbes article entitled Welcoming Immigrants: Why Empathy Is Smart Economics For Cities describes the economic benefits of creating active ways of welcoming newcomers to a city. Language support for both learning the dominant language and providing interpretation services throughout the city services would be included as one aspect of “active welcoming.” While a … Continue reading

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