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What a difference a word can make: How a single word can change your conversation

This article from TED about the nuances of language could have interesting implications for teaching or learning language from a peace perspective. What would it mean to recognize these cues in conversation and then look for opportunities to transform moments of misunderstanding and conflict? What would awareness of this in teaching bring to a language … Continue reading

Storytelling for Peacebuilding

In my internet research wanderings, I came across an interesting, albeit a few year old blog post on the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation website. In the post, “Using Stories to Build Peace: An Experience of a Lifetime,” Edward Chinhanhu recounts his experience presenting at the Storytelling for Peacebuilding Workshop at the Royal Bafokeng Institute in Thailand in … Continue reading

Peace education course: A fictional journey through the Mediterranean

Linguapax has a detailed peace education course available in pdf. form that focuses on building peace through engagement with issues relating to language in the Mediterranean region. The course, “Let’s Build Peace in the Mediterranean through Languages”, is available for use in a variety of languages: Catalan, English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. Continue reading

“The World Is As Big Or Small As You Make It”

In November we highlighted a virtual exchange program called Soliya that connected college students from different religious and cultural backgrounds, promoting peace and dialogue. The program was really interesting to me, and exciting, because it showed how much technology allows us to create connections that might never have been made otherwise. However, noticing that it was … Continue reading

The Missing Connection: Language Learning as a Tool for Peace in Israel/Palestine

An article entitled The Missing Connection: Language learning as a tool for peace in Israel/Palestine published by Tikkun.org provides an interesting perspective about the fundamental need for speaking each other’s language in the peacemaking process. What are my goals in teaching the language I teach? Am I contributing to understanding between cultures or am I creating bigger disconnects? Continue reading

Language Learning Facilitates “Virtual Exchanges” for Youth

The Alliance for Peacebuilding recently highlighted a program called Saliya, which sets up online dialogue between students from different countries and religious backgrounds. The goal is to promote dialogue and understanding across the boundaries that usually divide us through the use of online tools. Participants then use their understanding to respond differently in situations of … Continue reading

Attention to language essential for “Education for transformation”

In Mennonite Central Committee’s summer newsletter, contributors write about their experience with peace education, or education that “transforms.” Lynn Longenecker, Education Coordinator for MCC, explains this type of education: “Much effort has been made to improve access to quality education. However, to make a truly positive difference education must not only be high quality, but … Continue reading

Tips for Mindful Conversation

Dawa Tarchin Phillips, a research specialist at the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at University of California, writes about The Art of Conversation. While everyone can participate in a conversation, practising being “mindful” – or conversing with increased intention and attention – can enhance our quality of communication and relationships, which are goals of … Continue reading

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