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Book Review: Teaching Fairly in an Unfair World

Teaching Fairly in an Unfair World by Kathleen Gould Lundy As a classroom teacher, I was always on the lookout for resources that would help me connect what we were doing in school to students’ lives. One of the most helpful resources was a book called Teaching Fairly in an Unfair World by Canadian author Kathleen … Continue reading

“Ceeds of Peace”: Peace Action Toolkit for Schools and Communities

Today is International Day of Peace! If you’re like me, you can spend copious amount of time reading about peace building and then start to wonder, “But how can I get started actually doing things that help my students put these things into practice? how can I move my students and myself from receiving information and talking … Continue reading

Creating a National Peace Education Curriculum: Vietnam Peace Education Manual Case Study

In late 2004 and early 2005, the International Congress of Education for Shared Values for Intercultural and Interfaith Understanding and of Religion in Peace and Conflict: Responding to Militancy and Fundamentalism met in Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia respectively. The proceedings from these meetings were compiled, and in my perusal of them I came across an article reporting … Continue reading

Questions to Ask Oneself While Designing Learning Activities

Originally posted on User Generated Education:
I absolutely love planning lessons from scratch.  I just got a job teaching technology units for a summer camp for elementary age students. I can design and teach whatever I want – planning for a different theme each week. Some of the themes I am planning are: Expanding and…

Montessori’s 10 Ways to Promote Peace in Your Classroom

Montessori is a well-known name in the educational community for alternative schooling, and often includes themes of peace in its curriculum and educational theory. I appreciated the practicality of this list and the additional list of potentially helpful resources at the bottom as well. Continue reading

Educating Youth for Global Competence

Educating for Global Competence: Preparing Our Youth to Engage the World is a curriculum resource for teachers put out by the Asia Society. Many of the key points overlap with both peace education and the role of language learning. Check it out!

Global Justice Topics in the Language Class

When most people think of peace education, they think of talking about peace and justice issues in class. Many language educators try to integrate peace education in this way and seek materials and curriculum that focus on global justice. Continue reading

Engaging students using “democratic conflict dialogue”

“Conflict dialogue” is defined as process of engaging participants in conversation about conflict topics and processes in democratic ways which can lead to building peace. Opportunities for this type of discussion are frequent in language education settings. But how do educators go about setting up a safe space for this kind of dialogue? Continue reading

Remembrance Day Resource for Teachers

Mennonite Central Committee has put out a resource for teachers for Canada’s Remembrance Day. Materials could be adapted to other contexts as well. Download for free at

3 Approaches to Curriculum: Problem, Project, or Inquiry

Problem-based, project-based, and inquiry-based approaches to curriculum are all conducive to a peace education lens and can promote collaborative and constructivist learning. This article summarises the similarities and differences among the three approaches. While language curriculum has been slow in adopting any of these, all can contribute greatly to the language classroom. Please feel free … Continue reading

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