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Intro to Conflict Styles

This free resource for teachers and trainers of conflict styles provides a 3 minute visual introduction to concepts underlying conflict styles. Source: Intro to Conflict Styles | Global Campaign for Peace Education

Peace on the Hill: Speaking the language of peace

Originally posted on PeaceSigns:
By Charissa Zehr As a bilingual person aspiring to be trilingual, living with a bilingual spouse, I spend a lot of time thinking about language construction and the flawed way we interpret one language into another. Words fail to describe certain feelings; idiomatic expressions refuse to be confined by Google Translate…

The Missing Connection: Language Learning as a Tool for Peace in Israel/Palestine

An article entitled The Missing Connection: Language learning as a tool for peace in Israel/Palestine published by provides an interesting perspective about the fundamental need for speaking each other’s language in the peacemaking process. What are my goals in teaching the language I teach? Am I contributing to understanding between cultures or am I creating bigger disconnects? Continue reading

The Student Voices Project: Students respond to Peace, Conflict and Justice issues

The Friends Journal, a publication produced by the Friends Publishing Corporation, an independent Quaker nonprofit organization, recently released its 2nd annual Student Voices Project this April. The themes of the project this year were Peace, Conflict and Justice. How might something like the Students Voices Project look in your classroom and context? Continue reading

“Showing up” to offer words of peace in Ukraine

Robin Gingerich from LCC International University shares her insights from a trip to visit teachers in Ukraine.

Spring break was coming. I needed a break. I dreamt of relaxing at a water park and exploring yet another medieval castle. Abruptly, my plans changed. The email from our admissions office requested that I travel to Ukraine; the dates coincided with spring break, and we would leave in 10 days. At first I said, “No.” But something tugged at my heart and urged, “Go.” Continue reading

Four principles for teachers to heal the world

Thom Markham suggests healing the world one classroom at a time through a set of four principles to which every teacher could commit. What do you think? Continue reading

Former British ambassador’s language skills prevent war

A recent article in The Guardian highlighted decreased funding for foreign language training for British diplomats. Oliver Miles, a former British ambassador, argues that language skills are an essential aspect of diplomacy and that “knowing the language is the key that unlocks the door” to building trust and relationships in another country. Continue reading

Social Narratives and “Right Remembering”

This article on Martyr stories and right remembering highlights the Lutheran-Mennonite conversations about the history of suffering and persecution. How does language influence our collective memories? How can language learners and educators contribute to remembering rightly and walking the path to reconciliation and forgiveness?

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