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Classroom Management and Alternative to the Stoplight method

Jen Bradley’s blog looks at ways to do classroom management and check behavior in the classroom that do not include shaming students into good behavior. The Stoplight method is the one focused on here (the moving of a student’s name from green to yellow to red on a prominently displayed stoplight to indicate their … Continue reading

Responsive Classrooms

A bit of a newcomer to the realm of education theory, philosophy and curriculum, as I continue doing research in those areas, I have found myself ‘discovering’ for the first time teaching styles that spark my imagination. Some philosophies are more realistic than others, and some work better for certain age groups over others. Since … Continue reading

“Is This Working?”: A Critical Look at Classroom Discipline

“When it comes to disciplining young people, teachers are winging it,” discovers the radio talk show This American Life in their episode called ‘Is This Working?’ aired last fall. The show takes a critical look at classroom discipline in schools across the United States, revealing a deep lack of training and knowledge of recent tools among teachers and administrators who struggle to deal with student misbehaviour. Continue reading

Dealing with “Adverse Childhood Experiences” in the Classroom

Many language teachers work with people who have experienced violent conflict. What can teachers do to help students who have experienced trauma? Jessica Lahey’s article in the Atlantic looks at adverse childhood experiences in U.S. elementary schools and gives some ideas for How Teachers Help Students Who’ve Survived Trauma. Continue reading

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