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Northeast Asia Youth Peace Camp

In 2009, MCC sponsored the very first Northeast Asia Youth Peace Camp, a gathering where teens from China, South Korea and Japan spent a week together, hearing each other’s stories and breaking down walls of previously held prejudices and dislike. The pilot Peace Camp was held in Nanchong, in Sichuan province in China, and since … Continue reading

A Picture of English in China

Joel Heng Hartse’s article English in China: A Miraculous and Conflicted Encounter reviews three books and includes reflections on his own experiences of teaching English. His review suggests that the three books “offer a picture of different yet overlapping areas of English in China Continue reading

Language Learning and Teaching Opportunity in China

This unique opportunity for language learning and teaching in China is through Mennonite Church Canada. Check out the description and contact them for more information on their website:

Bridge Building through Language: Mark Zuckerberg’s Approach

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to China has made for a few headlines this week, including this one from the Washington Post. In front of an attentive audience, he began a live interview with 30 minutes in Mandarin. Students at the university he was visiting seemed to enjoy his efforts. Going public with a new language … Continue reading

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