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Are We Different People in Different Languages?

I read an article, Are We Different People in Different Languages? a few weeks ago, and it was chock full of interesting ideas. I shared an article a little while ago that has similar themes to this one, but I wanted to share this one¬†as well because along with some fascinating theoretical discussion (and a … Continue reading

Approaching Fluency: Stories from English Language Learners

I’m on the hunt for stories from language learners. What is the experience like? what grabs hold of a learner to motivate them? What are the struggles they encounter? How can we as teachers make it an experiences that enriches and empowers? So, though it is an old recording, I was glad to come across … Continue reading

It Takes a (Global) Village

The Anabaptist¬†community is gearing up for a very meaningful time this summer with the¬†Mennonite World Conference, where Mennonites and other Anabaptists from around the world will gather for several weeks this coming July for fellowship, worship and seeking God together. The Mennonite World Conference sends out a newsletter in the months ahead of the event … Continue reading

Studies show language learning changes how you see the world

Recently several studies on perception and multilingual speakers have pointed to what language learners already know: even a little language learning will help you see the world differently. This has implications for abilities in communication and in seeing another’s point of view – essential in any conflict resolution and peacebuilding practice. Continue reading

The Missing Connection: Language Learning as a Tool for Peace in Israel/Palestine

An article entitled The Missing Connection: Language learning as a tool for peace in Israel/Palestine published by provides an interesting perspective about the fundamental need for speaking each other’s language in the peacemaking process. What are my goals in teaching the language I teach? Am I contributing to understanding between cultures or am I creating bigger disconnects? Continue reading

Even a Little Language Learning Provides Benefits at Any Age

A recent article in the Medical Daily, Bilingual Benefits: How Learning Another Language Keeps Your Mind Sharp, No Matter Your Age, highlights the importance of even minimal language learning in keeping the brain healthy, even for older adults. Continue reading

Brain Development and Bilingualism

Here’s an interesting article on how being bilingual helps the brain to develop into a “more powerful, flexible brain.” A little motivation for language learning at any age!

Failing bilingualism in US public schools

An insightful article, How we kill languages and fail our cleverest children, looks at the limitations of views on bilingualism in United States public schools. Besides economic reasons, maintaining and supporting student’s first languages affirms them and their communities as valuable and valued in the society. Honouring our students’ mother languages is a very practical … Continue reading

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