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Language & Peace Education with Johan Galtung

Renown peace studies specialist Johan Galtung speaks of language, peace education, culture and language learning in this interview with Donna J. McInnis for the Japan Association for Language Teaching. He emphasizes the connection of language learning with relationships and cultural understanding. Continue reading

Even a Little Language Learning Provides Benefits at Any Age

A recent article in the Medical Daily, Bilingual Benefits: How Learning Another Language Keeps Your Mind Sharp, No Matter Your Age, highlights the importance of even minimal language learning in keeping the brain healthy, even for older adults. Continue reading

Dealing with “Adverse Childhood Experiences” in the Classroom

Many language teachers work with people who have experienced violent conflict. What can teachers do to help students who have experienced trauma? Jessica Lahey’s article in the Atlantic looks at adverse childhood experiences in U.S. elementary schools and gives some ideas for How Teachers Help Students Who’ve Survived Trauma. Continue reading

“Write for Rights” on International Human Rights Day

December 10th has been declared “Human Rights Day.” Although human rights must be recognized every day, having a day in the year to draw attention to issues of human rights can be a way to promote discussion and action. Continue reading

Restorative Justice in Education Program Offered by Eastern Mennonite University

A unique array of restorative justice courses are being offered to educators in Lancaster area through Eastern Mennonite University as part of the larger Restorative Justice in Education (RJE) concentration. Continue reading

Teacher Communities Affect Student Learning

In this intriguing article highlighted in the Washington Post, Esther Quintero, senior fellow at the nonprofit Albert Shanker Institute, looks at whether students learn more when their teachers work well together. Sure enough, good community among teachers in a school is just as important as within the classroom. While this is not new to many … Continue reading

Language Learning Facilitates “Virtual Exchanges” for Youth

The Alliance for Peacebuilding recently highlighted a program called Saliya, which sets up online dialogue between students from different countries and religious backgrounds. The goal is to promote dialogue and understanding across the boundaries that usually divide us through the use of online tools. Participants then use their understanding to respond differently in situations of … Continue reading

Christian English Language Educators Association (CELEA) Newsletter

The new Christian English Language Educators Association newsletter is available at Check it out!

Does Language Affect Thought?

The TED Blog post 5 examples of how the languages we speak can affect the way we think/ addresses the question of the relationship of thought and language. How does this influence perspectives on peace or violence?

Bridge Building through Language: Mark Zuckerberg’s Approach

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to China has made for a few headlines this week, including this one from the Washington Post. In front of an attentive audience, he began a live interview with 30 minutes in Mandarin. Students at the university he was visiting seemed to enjoy his efforts. Going public with a new language … Continue reading

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