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Storytelling for Peacebuilding

In my internet research wanderings, I came across an interesting, albeit a few year old blog post on the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation website. In the post, “Using Stories to Build Peace: An Experience of a Lifetime,” Edward Chinhanhu recounts his experience presenting at the Storytelling for Peacebuilding Workshop at the Royal Bafokeng Institute in Thailand in … Continue reading

Teaching for a Better World: Global Issues and Language Education

A few weeks ago, we posted a very helpful and detailed text/manual for implementing Global Education that as I read through it, kept exciting me with its possibilities of integration with a language learning course. What exactly that integration might look like, I wasn’t sure, but it seemed very possible, and in fact lent itself particularly well towards incorporation with learning a language. I wanted to learn more about what that might look like, and found something that encouraged me deeply Continue reading

“The World Is As Big Or Small As You Make It”

In November we highlighted a virtual exchange program called Soliya that connected college students from different religious and cultural backgrounds, promoting peace and dialogue. The program was really interesting to me, and exciting, because it showed how much technology allows us to create connections that might never have been made otherwise. However, noticing that it was … Continue reading

“Showing up” to offer words of peace in Ukraine

Robin Gingerich from LCC International University shares her insights from a trip to visit teachers in Ukraine.

Spring break was coming. I needed a break. I dreamt of relaxing at a water park and exploring yet another medieval castle. Abruptly, my plans changed. The email from our admissions office requested that I travel to Ukraine; the dates coincided with spring break, and we would leave in 10 days. At first I said, “No.” But something tugged at my heart and urged, “Go.” Continue reading

Seeking Forgiveness as the CELT’s Part in Reconciliation

Originally posted on The Ethical CELT:
A couple of summers ago I spent six weeks teaching in Hong Kong. The summer before, the team had found a budding English church, largely led by young adults who had either studied or spent time in the West. I was very excited to connect with a local church…

Recorded Webinar: Stories of Language Learning, Faith, and Building Peace

In this webinar, three educators share stories and reflections on their experiences of language learning as peacebuilding from a Christian faith perspective. Come join the discussion! Continue reading

Four principles for teachers to heal the world

Thom Markham suggests healing the world one classroom at a time through a set of four principles to which every teacher could commit. What do you think? Continue reading

Join us for Stories of Language Learning, Faith, and Building Peace Webinar!

Join the Language for Peace community of language and peace educators and learners for our first online seminar: Stories of Language Learning, Faith, and Building Peace live on March 12, 2015 at 7:00 CST. Continue reading

Language and the immigrant: friend or foe?

Cara Ediger’s post on her new blog articulates well the connections of building peace through the language we use. Check it out!

Global Justice Topics in the Language Class

When most people think of peace education, they think of talking about peace and justice issues in class. Many language educators try to integrate peace education in this way and seek materials and curriculum that focus on global justice. Continue reading

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